Perfume for Every Occasion – Product Review and Recommendations

A recent consumer poll showed that 79% of American women own between 2-10 bottles of perfume and 8% own 11 or more bottles. I’m somewhere in that remaining 13% that only owns one bottle of perfume.  It’s not that I don’t like perfume. I actually love it, but there are reasons I have to be picky when it comes to what I wear. First of all, I’m sensitive to a lot of scents and I’ve been known to get asthma attacks from certain perfumes. Secondly, some perfumes smell amazing on another person but really horrible on me. Thirdly, my husband doesn’t like me to wear fragrances that remind him of his grandmother. Apparently, that’s a major romance killer, so powdery scents are out even though I’m often drawn to them.

My signature perfume is Viva La Juicy, by Juicy Couture. It took a lot of trial and error and clearing my nasal palate with coffee beans to find the right one. (Despite the somewhat scandalous name, I get a lot of compliments from men who want to buy it for their wives or girlfriends). This was the only perfume that my husband and I could agree on and I’m a firm believer that couples should be in agreement when it comes to fragrances. I dated someone back in my college days who wore a cologne that I had some type of aversion to. I couldn’t understand how it got past product development to make it to market. The smell of his cologne was so unpleasant to me that it became a source of distraction. I didn’t have the heart to tell him, so I endured it until our eventual breakup (and then I told him).

My signature scent

If you’re not olfactorily challenged (I’m not sure this is a real word) like I am, then you can enjoy the freedom of going beyond the typical day and night fragrance choices and wear a variety of perfumes for occasions that don’t only include weddings, dinner dates, and Christmas parties.

Scents for Allergy Sufferers

I will never forget the time I had to leave work early because I had the most adverse reaction someone’s perfume who walked past me in the stairwell. It started with itchy and runny eyes and turned into a twenty-minute non-stop sneezing attack. I literally couldn’t catch my breath. I don’t even know what perfume it was but I recall being overwhelmed by its potency. Many offices have moved to a “Fragrance-Free Policy” because some people experience reactions more severe than mine. Companies are also creating hypoallergenic perfumes aimed at minimizing allergic reactions. Laila, by Geir Ness is one such perfume. It’s a light and pleasant scent that is perfect for sensitive users.

Laila by Geir Ness


MY RECOMMENDATION:  I really like Laila by Geir Ness because it is a combination of fruity and water notes. The fruity note that stands out to me the most is watermelon, which I happen to love. It might just become # 2 in my collection after I let my husband smell-test it, but I’m pretty confident he will like this one too.

For the Do-Gooder

Olivine Atelier, a Vegan and Cruelty-Free product is perfect for those who want to give back. Part of the proceeds from sales go toward Every Mother Counts, a campaign to end preventable deaths caused by pregnancy and childbirth around the world. Every Mother Counts informs, engages, and mobilizes new audiences to take action to improve the health and well-being of girls and women worldwide. Definitely a cause I can get behind.


Perfumes for Holding Babies

Baby holding is actually an occasion in my world. I will hold a baby any chance I get, but I’m always sensitive to how my perfume will affect the little ones I come into contact with. Burberry has an alcohol-free, hypoallergenic perfume called Burberry Baby-Touch. The product information sheet says “Burberry has developed a collection of scented products, hypoallergenic, specifically formulated in order to minimize allergy risks and to respect the delicate skin of babies and young children.” burberry-babyMY RECOMMENDATION: Burberry Baby Touch is a great fragrance for everyday wear. To me, it smells like a combination of baby powder and flowers. It’s not overpowering or offensive. It’s subtle enough that people won’t even be aware of you wearing it.

When inspiration strikes

If you truly want to create a signature scent that is all your own, then layering is the way to go. The Atelier Cologne Necessaire Nomade set contains 8 x 0.14 oz perfumes in (i) Bergamote Soleil, (ii) Cédrat Enivrant, (iii) Orange Sanguine, (iv) Pomélo Paradis,                 (v) Mandarine Glaciale, (vi) Sud Magnolia, (vii) Figuier Ardent, (viii) Cédre Atlas notes that you can mix together to make your very own perfume. The combinations are endless.


I’m really excited to try these fragrant layers. I will probably make a day of this with my sister because she used to do this back in the day with her oils from Garden Botanika.

Funk-proof your workout

I tend to believe that wearing makeup to the gym is a no-no, but perfume, on the other hand, is perfectly acceptable. Gyms have a variety of unpleasant smells, so adding something nice into the atmosphere can’t hurt, right? For me, the obvious choice for a workout fragrance would be from an athletic company. I don’t want to be exuding flirtatious sexiness while on the elliptical machine. Strength and resilience, on the other hand, are exactly what I want. Adidas has a whole line of fragrances geared toward athletic and active women with fruity, floral and woody notes.

MY RECOMMENDATION: I have always found the Adidas fragrances a little too strong for my liking but I like the variety that the line offers. These products are an inexpensive way to expand on your perfume collection.

Stop and smell the perfumes

While I like the idea of having a signature scent, I am hoping that I will be able to expand my perfume collection soon. With so many choices, I’m sure I’ll be able to stay away from all powdery scents 🙂

 Featured Perfumes

  1. Viva La Juicy, Juicy Couture
  2. Laila by Geir Ness
  3. Provence Sante Eau de Toilette Fragrance Spray, Vervain
  4. Thymes Aqua Coralline Cologne
  5. Lavanila Women’s The Healthy Fragrance
  6. Burberry Baby Touch
  7. Demeter New Baby
  8. Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari
  9. Adidas Perfume Collection

(I’ve recently come across a perfume company called Demeter that I want to tell you about, but it will need its own blog post. Stay tuned!)


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