20 things that make me happy (that don’t include my family or spending money)

Gratitude not only makes you feel good, studies have shown that it actually enhances your physical and psychological well-being. It’s good practice to stop and reflect on all you have to be thankful for. Some people use a gratitude journal as a reminder of the people and things that enrich their lives. Some of us do it in blog posts like this.

My Top 20 Happiness Inducers

  1. Wonton Soup
  2.  My tiffany-blue cashmere blanket (a gift from my boss)
  3. Laughing
  4. Walking at Horseshoe Bay beach
  5. Looking at model homes
  6. Long baths
  7. Writing music
  8. Hosting dinner parties
  9. Makeovers
  10. The smell of Blue Mountain Coffee
  11. Getting a massage
  12. A freshly cleaned house
  13. The smell of Las Vegas rain
  14. Public speaking
  15. Beating deadlines
  16. Playing the piano
  17. Singing harmony
  18. Encouraging people
  19. Post-workout endorphins
  20. Holding babies

Talk to me!

Write out your own list and share it with this group.
Was this exercise challenging for you?
Were you able to list more than 20 things?

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