Trends | IBM Watson Tone Analyzer

I’ve recently re-watched both seasons of Humans. For those that haven’t seen the show, it’s set in an alternate reality where robots, known as Synths, begin to develop emotional consciousness. The show even features a cyborg (half robot/half human) capable of understanding both the human and robot experience. Where the robots from the Terminator movies were interested only in world domination, Synths develop their emotions based on past experiences at the hands of humans and some of them act accordingly by seeking revenge. This, in itself, makes the premise quite scary. (What if my phone remembers all the times I dropped it?)

Thankfully in our reality, machines are governed by a set of programming rules and they don’t really “understand” human communication. Developers at IBM think differently. They’ve developed an app called Tone Analyzer that allows you to analyze and adjust the tone of your message to change or improve people’s perceptions of you.

Analysis of my Facebook Post


According to the Tone Analyzer, I was exhibiting high conscientiousness and emotional range when I posted this. I wasn’t feeling fear or sadness at the time, so I don’t know how accurate the assessment is. Most times I’m high on the Analytical and Openness scales, which means I really want people to know what I’m thinking about a matter. I wonder how humans would interpret this post. Would they get the same result as the Tone Analyzer or do machines know something about human communication that we have yet to learn?

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