Trends | The Fidget Cube

What’s the deal with fidgeting anyway?

My job requires me to attend a lot of meetings. Some of them are short and sweet (my favorite) while others can last all day. I always marvel at people who are able to maintain focus for a full eight hours. By the second half of these longer meetings, I have to fight the urge to doodle, wiggle, twitch or squirm so that I don’t distract the rest of the participants.

Fellow squirmers, don’t despair. Recent studies that have shown that fidgeting is actually good for us. It can help us lose weight, reduce boredom and even help to reduce anxiety and stress. The Fidget Cube, the perfect tool for chronic fidgeters, was created to solve the problem of fidgeting without being a distraction.

Get it here. The Fidget Cube Relieves Stress and Anxiety for Children and Adults.

Talk to me!

Are you a chronic fidgeter? Have you tried the Fidget Cube? Is it a product you would consider purchasing for yourself or a family member?

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